Friday, 19 September 2014

*New* Forever : I Do + CU + Freebie

With Wayne and I celebrating our 25th Wedding anniversary on the 30th Sept this year.. (WOW - lol).. I scrounged out my old wedding album.. you know the type.. those real 1980's sticky page horrible ones. lol. It's gone all yellow and was all falling apart. So I decided maybe it was time to get it into digital format for future safe keeping.

We didn't have much money in those days, my dad had just lost his business, Wayne's mom was just starting treatment for breast cancer, and his sister was undergoing treatment for a brain tumour. Did it stop us.. oh hell no. The families rallied around and all helped pull it together.

Hours were spent cutting out little table decorations with nail scissors in front of the TV at night, no dream dress (my moms friend made it but only to a pattern she knew) with me scouring second hand/thrift shops for sequins.. and as luck would have it I found a 1970's full sequined dress in mother of pearl white that we also sat pulling apart to use for my dress.. lol  No fancy photographer (just a good friend from work) and a sports hall venue my dad could get for free....Mom made my wedding cake and my bridesmaids, sister in law and mothers did all the flowers for the church and tables...The girls and I sat at work hiding behind closed doors hoping the boss wouldn't work in while we made wall and roof decor.. lol. I also made all the flower girls little accessories.  Not a dream wedding for many.....but oh man it was one of the happiest days of my life and a dream for us to be able to say "I Do" with all our family and friends present and together.

25 years on we are just as much in love... maybe even more so and Wayne is not only my husband he is also my best friend.

I hope you enjoy this new collection as much as I had fun creating it and remembering all the happiness that came from my special day ;-)


Boy that's a lot of shoulders and fabric! BWAHAHAHA

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And some AMAZING layouts that has had us all 'reminiscing' and sharing wedding stories in the CT forum.

Forever-Begins-Today By Jenni (x1)

bed_fromthismoment By Bekah_E

Happily-Ever-After By Jenni (x2)

Ruthy By Ruthy

alina By Alina

kimbforever_jenn By Jenn

Always By Rachael

Renee By Renee

kb-FromthisDay_1w by Me

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I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Thanks so much for looking. Hugs and Loves

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Featured Fav 50% off.

I'm a day late in getting this post up.. lol. Oy time isn't on my side this year and seems to just fly by under my nose. My mom always told me it gets faster and faster as you get older and I remember just laughing. Mom.. you were so right! I admit it ;-P BWAHAHA.

Time for Featured Favourites:

This kit was designed as a special request for my dear friend Bunny who was looking for something specific for her daughter.


This was one of her favourite Tshirts and the kit was inspired by it. Perfect for those teens/tweens or Diva's ;-P

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kb-Free2BMe_kit6 Free 2 B Me : The Kit

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And some fun and amazing inspiration for you ( some new and some old)

bed_free2bme By Bekah_E

Free2BMe By Jenni

free-bb_WF_CM4-jpg600 By Hutchie

kb-Attitude  By Me (x1)

free2bme_zpse8e2689c By Alina

web-expressive By Candace


kb-LorynFree2Bme By Me (x2)

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Have a fab week further: Hugs and Loves

Friday, 5 September 2014

NEW : Delightful + CU + freebie

OH EM GEE... getting old seriously sucks when it comes to recovering from party's these days.. lol. It's taken me almost all week to recover from our 30th School reunion.. I only got my voice back yesterday too. 3 long nights/early mornings in a row just isn't so easy anymore- BWAHAHAH. Well ok at the time we sure felt like we were all 18 again ;-P. A bunch of recycled teens for sure.

84 copy

Our 1984 Matric class ( and that's me right in front where I usually landed up in all class photo's due to being a short @ss! LOL)

6Yup that's me in the middle ;-P

7 Still the big mouth..that hasn't changed one bit either- OY! lol


2014.. and still in the front- BWAHAHAHA. A lot of people had left already when this was taken which is sort of sad.. but we were having too much fun yakking that photo's were forgotten.

We've had the biggest reunion turn outs out of all the other 'years' at the school and just pick up where we all left off each time we meet up. Now it just takes a little longer to recover - hee hee.

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Some awesome inspiration for you today:

alina By Alina

Jenni By Jenni

Jan By Jan

Jenn By Jenn

Anna By Anna

kb-Delightful By Me

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Have a fantastic weekend : Hugs and Loves